Boost pressure switch- Part# BPS15

It took a while, but I finally found this neat, compact high quality US made switch. Adjustable from 1 to 15 P.S.I., the applications for this device are virtually limitless.  Turn on controllers, ignition retards, warning lights, etc.

Price $34.95


Boost Controllers

Are you looking for an easy and safe way to control your boost level?  If so, these controllers are for you.  Simplistic in function, sophisticated in design and durable in construction these devices bleed signal pressure between the compressor housing and the wastegate, or wastegate actuator.  These controllers allow you to precisely set your boost level within or above the limits of the wastegate or actuator.  Choose the inline, or the 90 degree hose inlet/outlet controller that best suits your application.  These controllers are sold with hose and hardware.

Your choice- $84.95 each

Two Stage Boost Controller

Here is a quality two stage boost controller that has worked great for us.  The controller is supplied in kit form, with everything pictured.  The controller works like the single controllers above, each “bleeder” is set at a desired boost level but you switch between them with the flick of a switch of the push of a button.  We have this on our 2005 Hayabusa shop bike set at 9 psi on stage one (271 rear wheel horsepower 157 ft/lbs of torque) and when we switch to stage two it is 14 psi and 306 rwhp and 204 ft/lbs.  There are plenty of ways to use this kit, be ingenious and figure out the best way to use it on your ride.

Price $194.95

Hayabusa Instrument or Hayabusa Dash Mount- Part # HYDASHMNT

Theses slick black anodized aluminum brackets use the OEM rubber mounts and 1 ¼” bar clamps to secure your Hayabusa gauges to your frame rail.  The gauges are perfectly clear and visible and do not “rattle apart” due to the cushioning of the OEM rubber mounts.  Since the gauges are attached to your frame rail with the bar clamps you can maneuver them up/down and left/right to suit your needs.  The Hayabusa gauge mounts are shipped complete as a pair with all necessary stainless steel hardware.

Price $89.95

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