BEGI FMU Hanger for Hayabusa Throttle Bodies-
Part# FMU1

This aluminum hanger is a very clean way to locate the Bell Engineering FMU on the Hayabusa.  The bracket is sold with the hardware required to attach it to the throttle bodies.  The FMU is secured to the hanger with the hardware supplied with the FMU.  Our fuel rail adapter (Part# FRF1) works great with this hanger set up. Also check out the FMU hanger kit (Part# FMU2).

Price $18.50

Hayabusa fuel rail fittings- Part# FRF1 and FRF2

These are direct slip in utilizing the OEM O-Rings. The port is 1/8” NPT and is available in one (Part# FRF1) or two hole (Part# FRF2) models. They also fit the GSXR 1000.

Price $18.50

Hayabusa FMU hanger kit- Part# FMU2

Everything needed to mount your FMU to the Hayabusa throttle bodies. The kit supplies you with a FMU hanger (Part# FMU1), a one hole fuel rail fitting (Part# FRF1) with a 1/8” NPT to 5/16” hose barb, a length of 5/16” EFI fuel line and two worm drive clamps. The FMU (available separately) is supplied with two 5/16 hose barbs.

Price 39.95

Bell Engineering Rising Rate Fuel Regulator- Part# FMU

Call it what you wish, a Fuel Management Unit (FMU) or a Fuel Pressure Regulator (FPR) this device is found on more turbo kits than any other. Don’t be fooled by the CHEAP imitations. These B.E.G.I. are the only unit stout enough to put up with the abuse of the sand and provide you with the additional fuel pressure needed for your turbo system. The FMU is complete with everything pictured. We are an authorized B.E.G.I. distributor.

Price $249.95

Hayabusa Fuel Rail-  Part # HYRAIL

If you have a turbo Hayabusa, or just want to add some performance and bling to your ride, toss on the Heads Up Performance Hayabusa fuel rail upgrade. This extruded rail has been CNC machined to mount directly to the OEM Hayabusa throttle bodies with NO modifications. The stock injectors slide right in to the rail as do the Honda S2000 injectors. The inner diameter of the rail is 13mm larger than the OEM rail providing a reservoir of fuel for the injectors. The standard configuration is a -6AN male fitting on either end of the rail.  Since we make this little gem, we can customize the inlet or outlet for your application.  Sold complete with stainless steel mounting hardware.

Price  $199.95

Drop In Hayabusa Fuel Injector Upgrade- Part # S2K

These injectors are the ultimate direct replacement for the stock injectors. These are brand new quality Honda OEM injectors. We have safely supported close to 400 rear wheel horse power with these injectors and our fuel rail and close to 350 rwhp with the OEM fuel rail. The injectors include all new seals and o-rings and require modifications to your fuel map due to the additional fuel they flow. Generally, we use these injectors with anything over 9-10 psi of boost. Sold each.

Price $119.00

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